Bloomberg Announces Plans to Pay Professional Trolls to Exploit Social Media

In 2015 I was excited about President Trump. I was energized by his idea of taking America back to a place when the family still mattered. Husbands and Fathers were still respected, and the way to prosperity was jobs.

I took it upon myself to echo President Trump’s objectives. His one-liners, his ideals, and most of all his blunt responses to fake news. No one was paying me to support President Trump. I owned a hosting business and business started to boom. More and more people wanted to advocate for President Trump.

A handful of them learned they could turn time into a few extra dollars a month. Some even learned how to make some serious cash. Most, however, just wanted a platform that would allow them to be heard. If only to garner Trump’s attention to their issues.

By the time Trump won the election in 2016, I was making about $12,000 a month. This was great I was growing and excited about the future. Things tapered off following the election but business was good. I was well on my way to recovering the $120,000.00 I had invested in equipment and software developers.

Then, one year to the day after Trump on the election it all came crashing down. “Fake News” was the label slapped on one of my biggest customers. The Washington Post conspired to slander the good name of one of my customers. The cascade that followed destroyed my business.

After trying to keep the business afloat I closed the doors March 2018. Getting out of my contracts, breaking leases, and paying my bills drove me to complete and utter financial ruin. My life savings were gone, I was out of business, and because I supported Trump finding a job in the hate-filled environment created by the likes of Fake News like the Washington Post was difficult.

I was able to fall back on my 20+ years of technology consulting to keep my bills paid, but that is all. I didn’t support Trump because he paid me to. I didn’t support Trump because he was making me money. I supported and still support President Trump because he has the right ideas and he is keeping his word.

Imagine my absolute fury when I read that Mike Bloomberg is going to buy votes. There is no other way to put folks. He is going to buy votes, at least 500 of them. According to The Hill, he is hiring 500 “deputy digital organizers.”

In other words, he is hiring 500 professional online Trolls to campaign for him. The irony of it all is this. My customers were forces off of Facebook for “disingenuous behavior.” If Facebook allows an army of Bloomberg Trolls to game their system, I honestly am not sure what I might do.

I have nothing left to lose, and the idea that Bloomberg could win the election is beyond any reality I will ever be willing to live in… Give me Freedom of Give me Death!