BEWARE: Hillary Clinton Is Only In The News To Setup An Attack On Ivanka Trump


Since President Trump won the election on November 8, 2016, the Mainstream Media has worked diligently to structure the release of information to benefit their owners. The recent news about Hillary Clinton is just another move by the lying Mainstream Media to attack the inner circle of the Trump Administration. Ivanka Trump appears to be the next target, and they are using Hillary Clinton’s abuses to get to Ivanka.

We have all seen the Trump rallies where supporters chant “lock her up.” You may well be one of the people who participated in one of those rallies. The sentiment that Hillary Clinton is a criminal and should go to jail is shared by tens of millions of Americans.

From her botch response to the Benghazi attack that left an Ambassador and three others dead to smashing smartphones and deleting emails, Hillary Clinton has become a figure most Trump supporters love to be put out front when calling out corruption. In the war of disinformation, facts, figures, and opinions are lined up on the virtual battlefield like toy soldiers. An assault is coming and Ivanka Trump is clearly the target.

Hillary Clinton has been all but irrelevant since she lost to President Trump, but the love her followers have for her, and the frustration Trump supporters feal makes her a hot topic in the news. The Mainstream Media can’t help themselves. Crooked or beloved Hillary sells papers and generates clicks.

That is why we keep hearing about her. At the moment Hillary is being trampled, even by the news sources that have defended her. A little-known judge wrote an opinion about a lawsuit filed by a conservative activist organization. Judicial Watch claims that Hillary Clinton attempted to skirt FOIA laws with her private email server.

The judge, who would normally be ignored by the media is making headlines. Those headlines are nothing more than soldiers lining up to assault Ivanka Trump. The judge wrote what Politico calls a “scathing report”

Even Fox News seems unwise to the ruse saying:

Hillary Clinton’s use of private email server among ‘gravest’ offenses to transparency, judge says

Feel free to read through all eleven pages. It is a sight to see, but the release of it by the Mainstream Media is well timed, of this, you can be sure! I will explain after you finish reading the judge’s opinion if you read it.


What most conservatives don’t know is that the Washington Post recently released one of their “News” articles claiming that Ivanka Trump was using her personal email for official business. Citing emails they EASILY OBTAINED with a FOIA request and, of course, “people familiar with the (matter.)” More of those SOURCES to be sure!

The Washington Post wasn’t the only Mainstream Media to do this. Several others did the same and ALL of them ignored the fact that Ivanka Trump is an “Advisor to the President.” In that capacity, she has few “official” duties. She simply advises.

Ivanka Trump is NOT the Secretary of State. She is NOT on the Federal payroll. She is NOT serving in any more capacity than her brothers and other family members who don’t have an office in the Whitehouse. For goodness sake, she is President Trump’s daughter, and by default his advisor, so she carries the title to conform with the law.

This doesn’t matter to the Lying Mainstream Media. They have worked hard to take down Trump’s inner circle one person at a time. Make no mistake about it, the LEFT is going after Ivanka Trump and they will try to make people think of her in the same light as Hillary Clinton. Their hope is to have a mob of ignorant LEFTIST chanting “Lock Her Up.”

Just like so many other expressions and words used by conservatives. This latest buildup is nothing more than an effort to steal Trump’s words and his momentum and use them against him. They want to hijack “lock her up” and use it against President Trump.

In the end, there is ZERO evidence that Ivanka Trump has done anything wrong. The LEFT knows it, but they will spread and spew their lies to any sucker willing to believe it. I for one support President Trump, and his family, including Ivanka Trump. Ivanka Trump is the President’s daughter! Leave her alone!!!

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