Alabama Lawmakers Absurd Bill To Force Men To Have Vasectomies At 50, Third Child.

Rolanda Hollis is an Alabama Democrat who is trying to make a point. In an obvious effort to stoke anger and reactions, she introduced a bill in Alabama. She wants to require men to have a vasectomy at age 50 or after he fathers a 3rd child.

Before you react think about the absurdity of the notion. First of all, she argues that there are no laws in Alabama that interfere with the reproductive rights of men. Her argument is that only women are subjected to interference with the recent ban on abortion.

The problem is abortion is not a reproductive right, it is an action taken after a person exercises their sexual rights. Rights created out of thin air by Liberal Supreme Courts.

The last time I checked rape was still illegal. A felony that could land you in prison for almost your entire life. In that sense, men do have their reproductive rights in check. The only way a man can conceive a child is with a willing partner. He cannot assert his right to reproduce on a woman simply because he may find her easy to overpower.

Until the abortion ban, unborn children found themselves at the mercy of their mothers. Unable to speak or fight against evil doctors and their barbaric tools of death. The life of an unborn child could be terminated at her pleasure and legally. Furthermore, she could do this without the father’s consent. A violation of his reproductive rights, was it not?

In many cases, directly or indirectly those deaths were funded by taxpayer dollars. Deaths of innocent unborn children who were conceived through a consensual sexual relationship. As I understand it, rape is still a legal cause for an abortion.

Furthermore, there was a time in the history of Alabama and indeed the United States when the reproductive rights of both men and women were closely regulated by the government. Adultery, and other sexual conduct outside of marriage used to be an offense punishable by jail time. The reason for the laws was to protect the reproductive rights of men and women, husbands and wives, from others who might seek to damage their family. Those laws also sought to protect children both born and unborn.

Those laws have been made mute by Progressives who assert that sex is something of a protected right while concurrently claiming that the natural consequences of sex are a matter of privacy. After all, abortion was made legal because of a right to privacy between you and your doctor. Something that Progressives want you to ignore.

The real issue that Progressives are after is population control. This has never been about reproductive rights at all. In an ongoing march toward a society with a total and complete dependence on government, progressives have done everything in their power to destroy the nuclear family. Removing the protections of the family from the act of sex made it possible to create millions of fatherless homes.

Finally, they aren’t hiding their desire to destroy the family and control our population. We see it for what it is. So since we live in a society that has been brainwashed into thinking family doesn’t matter, maybe we do need to control the population.

If someone wants a third child or they are over 50 then they should be required to show the financial ability to raise that child in a dual-parent home. Furthermore, not only should men be required to have a vasectomy, women should be required to get a tubal ligation at the age of 50.

So, I’ll see your BLUFF and RAISE YOU something that fits your objective and makes sense, even to the most Progressive drones in your camp. If Progressives want to play these games. Let’s play! After all, most American FAMILIES choose to undergo permanent birth control after their 2nd or 3rd child anyway. While we’re at it, let’s fund it with Federal Dollars that we take away from Planned Parenthood.

It’s either that or put marriage back in its proper place on the law books!