After his ‘other-than-honorable’ discharge he gave one last disgusting salute, and may be getting a bill he wasn’t expecting.


Spenser Rapone is officially a former West Point cadet. Yesterday he made his official ‘other-than-honorable’ discharge from the United States Army public.

Last year this self-proclaimed far left advocate and socialist posted a disturbing picture on Twitter.

His discharge is the result of those actions. He posted an image of himself with a note inside his hat, then another photo emerged of him wearing a t-shirt that supports enemies of the United States.

He seems to have his idols all worked out with Tweets about various Communist leaders…

In a final goodbye to the US Army, he sent a Tweet that leaves little room for interpretation.

BUT, there is one thing this self-proclaimed advocate must have forgotten. The United States Army now has every right to go after him for any of the time he spent getting a free ride at West Point.

Cadets at West Point sign a contract obligating them to serve for a period of time after they graduate, which he won’t be able to do.

It seems former Cadet “Rudi” may be the one getting the index finger from Uncle Sam. I hope it was all worth it, Rudi, because Uncle Sam ALWAYS gets his money.