Gerber Kawasaki CEO threatens Trump supporters, Tweet disappears once Dan Bongino called him out.


The never-ending emotional banter used to demean and target Trump supporters reached a fever pitch on Sunday. The CEO of Kawasaki Gerber went on a Twitter rant.

His singled out business owners and potential donors in LA. His targeted harassment included a threat to identify those who host or attend the upcoming Trump fundraiser.

The insanity doesn’t stop there. He continued by saying “we will boycott your business'”

He seemed to be enjoying himself, even responding to some of the Trump supporters when he replied to his own Tweet calling Trump Supporters “trumpys”

That is when things got serious. Dan Bongino from Fox News reTweeted the original Tweet calling for a Boycott of Gerber Kawasaki. Several other users responded saying they had reported the Tweet for targeted harassment.

Within minutes the high and mighty Ross Gerber’s Tweet disappeared. The only thing you see when you try to see that Tweet now is a message from Twitter.

It remains unclear if Ross Gerber backed down in the face overwhelming odds, or if Twitter removed the Tweet for violating their policy related to harassment.

One thing is for sure, he will have a hard time convincing some Trump supporters to let him manage their money.