Did Conn. Governor unwittingly admits that the left acts “like a terrorist organization?”


Globalists have been emboldened by a group of children held up by leftist media and the rash legislation recently signed by Florida’s governor. In the wake of the emotional fallout of the shooting at Parkland High school, emotions run high and logic is an afterthought. Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy’s recent schoolyard tactics highlight how modern Democrats use methods that would make Stalin proud.

Did the Governor unwittingly expose the left, admitting that their tactics are like that of a terrorist organization?

In his attack Malloy ignored the obvious impact of technology on our children, instead, he cast the right to bear arms, not as a means to preserve individual freedom, but a menace.

The NRA responded to his assault by posting his comments on their social media accounts. On Facebook alone, the NRA’s post has been shared thousands of times and created a lot of conversation.

NRA members will not be intimidated by anti-gun politicians like Governor Dannel Malloy. Like and share to show Gov. Malloy that you’re a proud NRA member!

Posted by NRA – National Rifle Association of America on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

It wasn’t enough that a sitting Governor made a public association between law-abiding citizens and militants who use violence to effect social change. Instead of apologizing for his blatant attack on millions of Americans he doubled down attempting to make people believe he did not say exactly what he said.

On Saturday NPR released a report alleging an interview with the Governor. According to NPR the Govorner told them:

“I said that the NRA acts like a terrorist organization. Webster’s defines a terrorist organization as one that uses fear to effect its goals. What organization in America has used fear better than the NRA?”

Unfortunately, NPR apparently did not view his press conference. The Governor IN FACT said:

“They [NRA Members] act (stutter, stutter) quite frankly, in some cases, as a terrorist organization.”

It isn’t his assault on law-abiding gun owners that stands out, instead, it is the sentence he used next. In just a few words the Governor described the exact tactics used by the people he just called terrorists.

“You want to make safer for guns, we will boycott your company. That’s who they are, that’s what they do.”

In other words, the Governor just claimed that boycotting a company is the same as blowing up a train station, beheading prisoners, setting up roadside bombs, and suicide bombers.

In his own words, an organization that engages in boycotts is acting like a terrorist organization. Let’s have a look at other organizations who use boycotts.

In 2012 GLAAD boycotted the Girl Scouts of America over their transgender inclusion policy.

HRC, the Human Right Campaign, a Gay activist organization has a buyers guide, so you can avoid those pesky traditional family values.

In 2013 a group called the Atheist Revolution called for a boycott of Hobby Lobby because of the business owners stance on traditional marriage and certain types of birth control.

The truth is, I could write a hundred pages of boycotts that were used by all kinds of groups to attack one another. The earliest reference to a boycott dates back to the 1790s and was used to effect the abolition of slavery in England.

If what the governor says is true, then everyone who ever decided as a group to stop interacting with a business is a terrorist.

In my title I asked:

Did Conn. Governor unwittingly admits that the left acts “like a terrorist organization?”

I think you know the answer, or it may depend on what side you are on…

The real question is, why is the Governor so eager to label the NRA as a terrorist organization and associate them with groups like ISIS?

Maybe he doesn’t want to talk about the five police officers who were slaughtered in Dallas, Texas, because of racism.

Or, the presumable failure of the Democrat Sheriff to deal with the shooter on one of the dozens of visits by his officers, because of his policy to give people multiple chances.

Or, the fact that the overwhelming majority of mass killings take place in gun free zones. because that just makes sense {sarcasm}.

Or, the fact that states who allow teachers to carry concealed weapons don’t seem to have these shooting because that does make sense.

Or, the fact that our rapid adoption of technology lines right up with the increase in mental health issues, and mass killing, because we have had machine guns for a hundred years and smartphones for ten years. In fact, those Smartphones have been used to stage nationwide walkouts.

No, the Governor would rather you just give him your guns, because you should all know you can trust the government. Like I said, Stalin would be proud!

This ain’t “news” just my opinion.