Seven companies that support lewd propaganda against President Trump. Will you boycott them?


As a blogger of over ten years, I know how important it is to balance my content between my opinions and the words I use. I must be extremely careful to support my conclusions with links to fact-based news articles. I also have to be very careful to use words that are not offensive.

Like never before conservatives, Christians, and especially Trump Supporters are under increased scrutiny. Our advertising dollars have all but disappeared because of militant corporations and thought police activists.

At the same time, some blogs claiming to be news sites enjoy the increased availability of high-quality advertisements. In a nutshell, the anti-Trump blogs have hedged out the pro-Trump blogging community and nearly monopolized those advertising dollars.

The Anti-Trump blogging community is stronger than ever and they are flush with cash. Cash they have systematically diverted away from Pro-Trump blogs to their own causes.

In the end, this means less good news about the best President ever, and more left-leaning anti-Trump swill swirling around in the bowls of the internet.

Imagine my frustration when I noticed a trending article. The title is shockingly abusive, dishonest, and has implied sexually undertones.

After seeing my revenue shrink to nearly nothing over the last year I decided to take a look and see who exactly is supporting this disgusting content. I was amazed to find these major companies supporting the Anti-Trump movement. I was even more shocked that those companies aren’t more careful with their filters.

One filter with the word used in this article title would protect their brand. Many of these big names refuse to advertise on pro-Trump blogs. The excuse they use is “fake news,” what does that even mean? I am not surprised to see them sacrifice their own brand quality to support the neverending diatribe of attacks on President Trump.

Lewd anti-Trump propaganda supporter #1:

Microsoft proudly advertises their Microsoft CSP program right above the title.

Lewd anti-Trump propaganda supporters #2 & 3:

Fingerhut proudly takes its place next to the title with Sherweb offering its VOIP service above.

Lewd anti-Trump propaganda supporters #4,5&6:

Esurance loves being on top, while GoodRx is happy on the side and is content to be on the bottom, right below this abusive title.

Last but not least…

Lewd anti-Trump propaganda supporter #7:

Enterprise isn’t happy with just one Ad. No, they have two ad slots. Apparently, they don’t want the most aggressive anti-Trump propagandists to go hungry!

I hope someone sees what the companies are doing. They are attacking everything that is good about President Trump, and promoting anything, true or not, that makes our President look bad.

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. I know the rules and do my best to stay positive in this terrible time to be a Trump Supporter. The Thomas Dillingham blog will never die, even if I have to run without any Ads!

The question is, will you vote with your money and boycott these 7 companies. After all, that is what they are doing to those of us who have good things to say about our President.

All of these images were collected on 3/11/2018 using my personal computer and Google Chrome in anonymous mode. There was no tracking data for these advertisers to key their ads off of.