California’s Gov. Brown talks of “war” after Trump sends Sessions to speak to Police Officers in California


In the wake of a lawsuit challenging California’s newest immigration law. From the White House, President Trump dispatched Attorney General Jeff Sessions to California on Wednesday where he spoke to members of the Alliance of California Law Enforcement.

Addressing those in attendance in Sacramento Sessions said California is using…

“powers it doesn’t have to frustrate federal law enforcement.”

“You can be sure I’m going to use every power I have to stop that.”

Session also talked about the common sense approach to immigration embodied in the Trump campaign. Connecting the Trump administration lawsuit to the Constitution he explained that the power over immigration is granted to the United States Government, not the states.

It wasn’t long after this that Governor Brown of California held a separate press conference and went on a fiery tirade directed at President Trump and Jeff Sessions.

According to CNN, the Govorner accused the Trump Administration of…

“going to war” with California

During the Governor’s tantrum, he even went so far as to accuse Jeff Sessions of being from Fox News.

In another gaff aimed at the Trump Administration, the Govorner accused the Attorney General of engaging in a political stunt.

The Governor may be concerned about the growing divide within California and how it could impact Democrats in 2018. Brown is not eligible to run again. In recent months an effort was started to create a New California because of the stark differences between the ultra-rich who control the major cities and the rest of rural California.

In the end, the Governor failed to undermine the calm and collected speech from Jeff Sessions, Brown repeatedly attempted to deflect the immigration discussion to the Meuller investigation.

But not even CNN was distracted by the deflection, they closed their news article by quoting Attorney General Jeff Sessions who said:

“Stop treating immigration agents differently from everybody else for the purpose of eviscerating border and immigration laws and advancing an open borders philosophy shared by only a few, the most radical extremists,”