One year to the day after Trump won, Facebook took their revenge.


Have you seen any good news about the President on your Facebook “news” feed lately?

Didn’t think so!

That’s because, on November 8, 2017, one year to the day after Trump won, Facebook took out one of the most popular Pro-Trump blogs on the internet.  Liberty Writers consistently maintained their status as one of the top 1000 websites in the United States according to Alexa Certified rankings. Danny Gold (Ben) and Paris Swade run Liberty Writers, at least they did.

I know this because they were one of my best hosting customers. I hosted their website.

Facebook took down Liberty Writers, The Lutchman Report, and several other Facebook Pages including Trump Daily. I hosted a few other websites called Swamp Drain and Dan Sessions but they didn’t have a Facebook Page directly just domains and a knack for finding some of the funniest things related to Trump’s opponents I have ever seen.

This put them squarely in the crosshairs of media giants. As a result, everything they wrote was criticized and Left Wing nuts often called them Fake News. How can they be fake news, when they are bloggers who focused on writing fun, exciting and entertaining stories about President Trump and his enemies?

Altogether these pages had about 4 to 6 million followers. Many of them were paid for by my customers using FACEBOOK APPROVED ADS. In order to get an ad approved on Facebook, it must review by Facebook…

Danny Gold and Paris Swade
Danny Gold and Paris Swade creators Liberty Writers Pro-Trump Superheros, Villans to the Radical Alt-Left


I know them all because I hosted their websites.

Mark Lutchman Pro-Trump Blogger

Today I am left with a garage filled with servers and no websites to host. After Facebook took down the Facebook Pages I had no choice but to vacate my datacenters. And yes, the websites are still up (on someone else’s servers) and running, but without traffic, I made no money because I was paid for usage…

It cost money to host a website. I charged a fair price and made a business of being willing to host high volume Pro-Trump blogs. Today, I am paying the price. My business is ruined. Now, like never before…

I believe Facebook hates Christians.

I believe Facebook hates Conservatives.

And most of all… I believe Facebook hates our President, President Donald J. Trump.

Facebook made all of this clear to me with their actions on November 8, 2017, when they took down the only American Owned and Operated pro-Trump blogs on the internet.

The sad truth is, the Russians still have their Facebook Pages, the Macedonians still have their Facebook Pages, Alex Jones still has his Facebook Pages. It only seems to be a problem if you are an American, talking about American politics and you are not going out of your way to attack President Trump and you focused on facts and rational commentary.

Facebook couldn’t handle the TRUTH, but they are dead set on allowing lies to move freely throughout their system.

Mark Zuckerberg, you are an evil, EVIL man!

He talks about giving people the power to share. It seems Mark Zuckerberg only means what he says about sharing for people who want to be in his soup line.

After all, it was Mark Zuckerberg that said he wants to pay for “Universal Basic Income.” Another word for that is Communism.

I am coming to get Facebook and the rest of Silicon Valley. Please, vote for me in the upcoming election. One way or another we are Taking Our Country Back.

All Facebook really did was put a lot of people, who do their part for America, out of job; all because those Americans want to Make America Great Again, and Mark Zuckerberg wants us all in HIS SOUPLINE (aka Universal Basic Income!).

Maybe I can get Mark F. Zuckerberg to write me a check while I am running for office, oh wait! The only people he wants to give money to, are people who DON’T want to work for a living! (But, what do I know, that’s just my opinion.)

But, they were Spammers you say!


But, they were Fake News you say!

Why does Alex Jones still have his Facebook Pages?

All we have left is Fake News from Russia, Macedonia, and of course, the Lying Main Stream Media and the outrageous conspiracy theory ridden rot of unsourced sites who make ridiculous unbacked claims. Please don’t share any of their fake garbage on Facebook… …but don’t forget to share this, I might be broke, but I REFUSE TO BE SILENCED!

My Dreams are sitting on the floor of my garage, this is about 20% of the equipment used to run my former customers’ websites… I believe this is what Facebookism looks like when you disagree with their worldview, or just try to tell the truth.

The dreams of a better life for the Dillingham Family are sitting on the garage floor at Thomas Dillingham’s house. He believes this is all thanks to the “Communists at Facebook who HATE Christians, HATE Conservatives and HATE our President, President Donald J. Trump!”

If you are looking at my site you will notice I haven’t written here in a while. That is because I was trying to build a new news organization called Nation One News. It was going well. I was even in the White House Press pool, but I resigned that role today.

I resigned and handed all of the rights to Nation One News off to a non-Profit news organization, so I can run for Congress.

Thomas Dillingham for Congress

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