Three Code Pink Activist are seeing Red, could spend a year in jail.


Activists who oppose President Trump have become increasingly disruptive. From shining to sea to shining sea we see people with nothing better to do. It seems acting foolish in public is in fashion, at least that is what community activists would have people believe.


Several months ago during the confirmation hearing for Attorney General Jeff Sessions a group of activists were arrested for interrupting Congress. Several charges were filed. Today a jury handed down their verdict.

Three of those protesters were found guilty of several charges and now face up to one year in prison. The punishment phase of the trial is set to start soon. There have been hundreds of arrests across the country with charges ranging from disturbing the peace, assaulting law enforcement officers, and even attempts on President Trump’s life.

Trials for protesters and rioters accused of crimes are playing out across our country almost daily. We hear very little about them from the Mainstream Media. The people who oppose President Trump and his agenda are enlisting disenfranched citizens and impressionable young people to participate in their demonstration

Those who choose to demonstrate would all be wise to learn the laws for themselves, and stop trusting community organizers. After all, when the protest is over and community organizers are on a plane to the next demonstration it is often the impressionable young people who are left to pay the price. The question these protesters should ask themsleves is, am I willing to go to prison for this?

After all, we have a right to express ourselves and peacefully assemble. We do not have the right to disturb the peace, threaten people, or harm others. We certainly don’t have the right to disrupt Congress while it is in session.

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