Mr. Trump if you fire Sean Spicer, I am not sure you will get a second term…


It has been almost two years. Two years since I decided that Donald J. Trump was the right man for the job. Today I read a story on Infowars that has me wondering if I will keep this up.

Infowars published a story on May 11, 2017, the title:


In the post, Mr. Watson surmises that Trump is going to start “draining the swamp”, and that Sean Spicer is on the chopping block. All of this allegedly because Sean Spicer and others in Trump’s inner circle haven’t done enough to stop leaks. The irony of the Infowars blog post is the entire story is based on “sources” that leaked the information to them…

I know without any doubt that President Trump has an insatiable apatite for news and the opinion of others. My little blog has seen its fair share of visitors from United States Government IP Addresses based in Washinton DC. Information is power and whoever gets it first has the ability to use it for their own purposes.

What do you do once everyone has the information?

The real question about knowledge and power is how do you manage that knowledge. That is where Sean Spicer comes in. So far, his handling of public information has been flawless.

Sean Spicer is so effective at this job he has earned the ire of SNL Comedians, embittered news anchors on MSNBC, and arrogant columnists at NPR, BBC, CNN, and even NBC. This man is very good at his job.

I won’t get into a bomb throwing match with Infowars, but could it be that Infowars has set their sites on Sean Spicer because they know he is too good? Could it be that Infowars is joining the ranks of every other Mainstream Media outlet to attack the one person who truly stands in defense of our President?

If the Secret Service exists to protect the life of President Trump, then the Press Secretary exists to protect the reputation of the President. I believe Sean Spicer would not only take a verbal bullet from the Press, but he wouldn’t hesitate to tackle a real gunman to protect the integrity of the Office of the President of the United States.

I find it interesting that Infowars published their article while Sean Spicer is away on Reservist duty. Talk about stabbing someone in the back! He isn’t even available to defend himself.

So, Mr. President! If ever you read what I have written. Know this, Sean Spicer is doing an outstanding job from where I sit. I sit in my garage with only a handful of people in the know willing to tell me anything. My perspective is no different that millions of other Americans.

Who knows what he has done?

Unless this man, Sean Spicer, has done something wrong, please don’t fault him for being unable to do what four past Presidents have been unable to do. If you want to fix leaks, empower Jeff Session to lock some people up. Don’t fire your Press Secretary. Don’t worry he will never be as famous as you.

Be glad he is as good at his job as he is, else the Press would eat you alive. Just look at the Press Conference yesterday. Dear God, get that woman out from behind the podium before she says something that ruins your Presidency!

Perspective is everything, something you advisors don’t have!

Finally, with all due respect, Sir! I am a nobody with only a peephole to view your world. My perspective matters more than yours. Yep, I said it. You have no idea what it looks like from where I sit. From where I sit, Sean Spicer is your man and you will be hard pressed to find anyone better.

The Press Secretary’s job is to control leaks, even send them out with your approval from time to time. It is Jeff Session’s job to find and prosecute those who are releasing the information. I like me some Sean Spicer, without him, well I can’t say that I would even watch the Daily Press Briefing!

By the way, who sent the leak to Infowars, Sean Spicer is on Reservist Duty???

God Bless Sir! I pray you make the right decision, only you can choose, just remember perspective is everything…

Oh yeah, one more thing. I have never met Sean Spicer, don’t know the man. If I did, well, I would still say see the world through someone else’s eyes. Someone who has a perspective none of your advisors have!