The good news about President Trump’s first 100 days.


President Trump has worked almost nonstop since he took office just over 100 days ago. All we hear in the Mainstream Media are bad things. They don’t share any good news.

President Trump said that we were up against the media. He was right we all know that now. If you can still stomach to watch or read what the Mainstream Media puts out you know he was right.

Executive Orders

I want to point out one thing that is not being talked about enough. President Trump is NOT a lawmaker. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the United States of America.

Even though he is not a lawmaker, Congress has done more in the last 100 days than they did over the last 8 years!

President Trump has signed over thirty Executive Orders and directed, even more changes to the Executive Branch of government. Here are my top twelve Executive Orders he has signed:

  1. Reduce the Size of Government.
  2. Reduce the burden of Big Government on Small Businesses.
  3. Established a set of new principles used to govern our financial system.
  4. Make sure Federal Law enforcement departments are enforcing the laws we already have.
  5. Realigned the Department of Justice to be more effective.
  6. Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda
  7. Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch
  8. Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth
  9. Encourage American Companies and government to Buy American and Hire American.
  10. Look for ways to reduce the Federal Tax burdens.
  11. Improving Accountability and Whistleblower Protection at the Department of Veterans Affairs
  12. Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Appointees

Not Just Executive Orders

Not only has President Trump gone out of his way to unwind the mess left by the Obama Administration he is also keeping the American Dream alive. The Mainstream Media doesn’t give President Trump the credit he deserves. He has continued to push the enthusiasm for Making America Great Again.

He has hosted many rallies to keep the fires of change burning. His efforts have kept Americans alert and calling for change. The election might be over, but he continues to spread his message of putting American First. More and more people get behind President Trump’s agenda, the People’s agenda every day!

I believe the most amazing thing Trump has accomplished is his ability to pull the fractured Republican Party together. His efforts are turning lawmakers back to the people they work for, not those who line their pockets. With his huge audience on Social Media, he is holding accountable the small groups of Senators and Congressmen that secretly represent filthy stinking rich people.

He has shamed some Congressmen into to doing what is right for the people. He has supported the election of Congressmen who will be good for Americans. Last but not least, he has changed the way America sees the Republican Party!

Using Golf and Mar-A-Lago for all Americans!

Finally, President Trump has worked golf into his weekends. That’s right he has played Golf! He might be the first President to ever strike more than golf balls on the course. He is actually striking deals for America! He has invited dozens of Congressmen, Foreign Leaders, and Business Leaders to join him in a round of golf on his own golf courses.

While we have enjoyed our time off work on the weekends. President Trump has taken our fight to Make America Great Again with him at times when most people are resting up for the next week. It seems President is all work and no play, even on the Golf Course.

He is certainly the First President of the United States who sees it as his duty to do whatever it takes to help all Americans. Even if that means ruining a perfectly enjoyable game of golf by talking Politics on behalf of the American people. Bet you didn’t hear that in the Mainstream Media!

God Bless! God Bless President Donald J. Trump!! God Bless America!!!

Share the good news, please.