Big Media Wants Sean Spicer GONE This Proves It!


You have seen me write about how the Mainstream Media manipulates information. You know I don’t trust anything they say. We know Social Media giants censor what we see. Finally, we all know they are cunning and sneaky.

MSM has tried and failed to rid themselves of Sean Spicer!

The Mainstream Media tried to rid themselves of Sean Spicer by making him famous. They put him on SNL and mention him constantly. I can only assume they are trying to invoke what they think is Trump’s vanity and make Trump jealous.

It shows how naive the MSM really is. They just don’t get it. To add to their latest attacks of Sean Spicer they are building up his stand in.

Does Social Media control you?

What happens to be trending on Social Media? A video of Sean Spicer’s stand in, going viral. Big Social Media regulates what goes Viral. I witness their deceptions and decision about what goes viral every day.

Some things that shouldn’t get a second notice go viral, while enormous news gets squashed. When you look at your Social Media Accounts, you see what they WANT you to see. There are so many things that could go viral, but they don’t unless it helps their agenda!

Sean Spicer’s Stand in…

Frankly, she is a pushover. They are setting her up for a huge fall. She is a manageable and predictable adversary.  Count the “UUUUHMS”

Just watch the last two Press Conferences. They are running all over her. They aren’t doing this for the sake of attacking her, they are doing it to add some spice to the Press Conference. They are creating FAKE NEWS!

Yesterday she made an analogy about using a stick of dynamite when answering questions about Comey. Today she all but berated a reporter who persisted on the Comey issue. She is such a HACK and so unprofessional!

Listen, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the entire Huckabee Clan, but this woman will end up doing more damage than good. She is a lose cannon and that is exactly what the MSM wants. They want someone who will throw fireballs they can spin. Spin they will…

Sean Spicer isn’t getting much good Press lately. Of Course, Not! They want him gone. They have tried everything else. NOW, they are building up his stand in, trying to make him go away.

The Press has no soul! They are as evil as the summer days are long. This is just another Trick to try to fool Trump into removing the best Press Secretary the United States has ever had!

I stand by Sean Spicer, do you?