The Washington Post just Exposed how the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL are complicit in workers’ rights violations.


The Washington Post has done it again. In a recent article meant to attack Ivanka Trump, they have inadvertently exposed how Major League Sports are abusing International workers rights. The report outlines some very serious claims about abuses of Chinese workers by a company named G-III.

In the Washington Post Article they were careful to say:

[Ivanka] Trump has no leadership role in G-III, and the report did not give the factory’s name or location, or say whether it was working on Ivanka-brand products at the time of the inspection.

The Washington Post also said:

Inspectors with the Fair Labor Association, an industry monitoring group whose members include Apple and Nike, found two dozen violations of international labor standards during a two-day tour of the factory in October, saying in a report that workers faced daunting hours, high turnover, and pay near or below China’s minimum wage.

Although the Washington Post article was clearly designed to defame and misrepresent Ivanka Trump, it also raises serious questions about the conditions workers are forced to endure under other brands. I did some research on this company called G-III and learned that they produce products for the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League.

It is unacceptable that these major sports organizations would use a company with such a horrible and sad history of workers’ rights abuses! If it’s true that G-III treats it’s employees so terribly, I can’t see myself ever spending another dime on major league sports ever again! It gets worse! G-III also makes products for over 100 Universities and Colleges in the United States.

According to Reuters regarding G-III:

The wholesale operations segment mainly consists of the Company’s licensed products and non-licensed products and includes sales of products under brands licensed by the Company from third parties, as well as sales of products under the Company’s own brands and private label brands. G-III’s licensed apparel consists of both women’s and men’s products in a range of categories. Its sells licensed brands, including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Karl Lagerfeld, Kenneth Cole, Guess?, Levi’s and Cole Haan. In its team sports business, G-III has licenses with the National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, Touch by Alyssa Milano, Hands High and approximately 100 United States colleges and universities.

I don’t know about you, but this is simply unacceptable. The Washington Post doesn’t even realize they just exposed the truth about all of these companies, not just Ivanka Trump. Please SHARE this everywhere so everyone knows the truth about these Organizations and how they are a part of the mistreatment workers!