Trump just said he is a Nationalist and a Globalist, and that is a good thing…


President Trump’s detractors were quick to pile on after a Wall Street Journal article was published on April 27, 2017. Nevertrumpers are climbing to their virtual rooftops to yell, “Trump said he is a Globalist!” One of the more well-known Anti-Trumpers took to Twitter.

I agree with Matt Walsh on more accounts than I disagree. Unfortunately, Matt seems unable to see past his own bias. His typical snark, in this case, seems meant to throw everyone off of the trail to the truth. It seems his own cognitive dissidents, or projection thereof, won’t allow him to see beyond his failed choice, Ted Cruz.

For those who are shocked that I would say such a thing about Matt Walsh, you should know I am an Equal Opportunity Critic. I love the Truth, not men. I love the Lord, not gold.

Matt Walsh knows that few will actually read the Wall Street Journal Article. If they did, most would see that President Trump is using NAFTA as a bargaining chip. They would also know how our trade deficit with Canada and Mexico has grown since it was instituted in 1994. The Wall Street Journal provided an excellent graph in their article, at least on the desktop version of the website.

The article is also clear to point out that President Trump said he would “negotiate” instead of “terminate.” Matt Walsh along with many others on the right are still angry because their anointed son, Ted Cruz got beat. Too blind to see the truth they find boogymen everywhere.

In another Tweet only moments later he said:

Surely, I am not the only person who has been reading the press released on or watching Sean Spicers Press Conferences on Youtube. You aren’t hearing about Trump’s efforts from the Mainstream Media. They tout unconstitutional court orders, but not his successes.

So did President Trump actually say he is “both a Nationalist and a Globalist?” Yes, Yes he did! What he didn’t say was American last, or Globe first. His statements about putting America First haven’t change.

In order to put American First, you have to put everyone else in their place. How can you know how to reorder the world, if you don’t understand it? In order to that, you have to be a Globalist, at least to some extent.

I am not worried about President Trump claiming he is a “Nationalist and a Globalist.” As long as he keeps his priorities straight. Putting American First, which so far he has done. I trust he will continue to put America First, and rest of the world in their place…  😉

Here is the link to the Wall Street Journal Article