Powerful Easter Message From The #Original #Resistance


Easter for Christians is a time to remember the resurrection of Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God. For some, it’s about eggs and bunny rabbits. This year I ran across a powerful message I had to share!

In December of 2015 the church building at Mt. Sinjar, was completely destroyed by ISIS. Not only did ISIS destroy the church they massacred many Christians. The events were originally reported by the Mirror.

The Mirror report said:

Speaking of the city of Sinjar he said: “There are 16 mass graves of thousands of corpses.”

This Easter, Hazen Farrej decided to share more pictures of the event on his Facebook Page. On Twitter he calls himself:

“Politics & Religion [By Force] Rebel, Inspired Thinker, Human Rights Guy, Philosopher, Poet, American by Birth/Palestinian by Blood/Christian by Choice”

His message from Facebook which includes rarely seen photos of the raising of the cross is fitting. The Lord’s Church is the #Original #Resistance! Let us all stand together as believers and pray for our world leaders!

With a rifle on his shoulder, tears in his eyes, he places the cross on the top of the now ISIS destroyed Mt Sinjar Church. What does resurrection look like? This. Happy Easter everybody. #Resurrection #Jesus

Posted by Hazem Farraj on Saturday, April 15, 2017

This was too powerful to pass up! Happy Easter! Hope comes in many forms. For us, our hope is in Christ, and we will never, NEVER lay down our faith! Not even to the end of a sword!