SURPRISE! Mike Pence Just Did Something To North Korea That’ll Make His Father Proud…

Mike Pence Gets The Gift of His Life In Korea.


Everyone seems focused on President Trump and Kim Jong Un. North Korea is the new hotbed of discussion. Everyone from 30-year-old wanna be Congressmen, to MSNBC talking heads seems to think they know what to do about North Korea. Everyone is looking in the wrong place.

Not many people heard about what happened in North Korea yesterday. It was probably the most powerful moment in the Korean War. Yes, I said Korean War. Newsflash: The War never ended.

When you search the Internet, a lot of people will tell you the war ended in 1953. That is not true. A cease-fire was signed and for the last 64 years, it has been mostly honored by both sides.

The United States of America never declared war on North Korea. The war in Korea was not our fight. Troops from the United Nations were dispatched to help South Korea.

Most of those Troops were from the United States. The war that never was never ceased. The Korean war is a tricky subject.

The United States has nothing that legally binds us to South Korea. We are not obligated to protect the South Koreans. South Korea is designated as an MNNA or Major non-NATO Ally.

Like I said it’s tricky over there. For 60 years the United States has maintained a Status of Forces Agreement or SOFA with South Korea. Much like Japan that SOFA allows members of our Military to move freely throughout the country.

The remarkable thing about South Korea is not a legally binding treaty that requires us to defend them. It is the blood that our men and women shed on that peninsula to free the people of South Korea. One of those men who fought alongside our Heroes from the 50s was a man named Edward J. Pence Jr.

Edward J. Pence Jr is the father of the 48th Vice President of the United States. Vice President Mike Pence probably knows things about North Korea that none of us do. He likely heard his father talk about the war.

2nd Lieutenant Edward J. Pence Jr. received the Bronze Star for his service during the Korean War. He passed in 1988 at the young age of 58. Mike Pence had only been out of Law School for 2 years.

Just about every President and/or Vice-President since the Korean War has visited the edge of the DMZ. Mike Pence took a moment to make sure the North Koreans got good pictures. Wearing a leather Bomber jacket he stared down a North Korean guard at a distance.

I can only imagine what he was thinking as he stood there, his father looking down from above! While he was there those Army Generals took some time out to share some history about 2nd Lieutenant Edward J. Pence Jr. Something I am sure Mr. Pence will never forget.

As far as North Korea goes, I think people should be paying closer attention to the 2nd most powerful man in the world. After all, he has something personal invested in the Korean Peninsula. His father likely gave up years of his life defending it from Communism!

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