The Mainstream Media is Working With Kim Jong Un – Against The American People


The title I have given to this article may seem like an outrageous claim on its face, but hear me out. If you can’t see the Mainstream Media is doing everything they can to undermine the current United States Presidential Administration, read no further. Your cognitive dissidents will not allow you to see the truth.

Once you can see through the Mainstream Media’s careless handling of the truth, it becomes easier to see how they are helping North Korea. I didn’t say it was intentional, but the Mainstream Media is damaging United States foreign relations worldwide. They don’t seem to care.

Here is the timeline of events:

April 6, 2017

President Trump hosts the President of China at his Mar-a-Lago country club. The Chinese don’t play golf. They do play ping pong and they are very good at it. 😉 So, what did they do with all of that time they spent together?

I would argue they did what Presidents do. They talked, planned, strategized, and found common ground. It is from those discussions the next week’s agenda was born. They discussed a lot, but what was reported by the Mainstream Media doesn’t accurately account for the amount of time they spent together.

April 11, 2017

Everyone is back on their home turf. They are well rested and ready to put plans into action. President Trump tees off with some Tweets. A bit earlier China serves up their plan with a message to their port-masters.

Reuters reports that China refused to receive Coal Shipments from North Korea. That report was issued at 6:01 AM Eastern Time.

President Trump sends out Tweets. These Tweets were quickly followed by threats of retaliation from the North Korean State run media.

We can conclude from his Tweet, the next day, that President Trump picked up the phone and called his newest acquaintances in China. He clearly saw the need to check in and make sure their plan was coming together. The Mainstream Media did not report this. Did you see any headlines saying “Trump asks for help from China?”

I can only imagine how the call went. If I had to guess I would say it went something like this.

Trump: Well, it looks like the Media took the bait.

Xi JinPing: Yeah they DID! LOL

Trump: So, we are still on track?

Xi JinPing: You know it! Little Kimmy will never know what hit him.

Trump: Cool, well, call me if anything changes.

Xi JinPing: Will do, right back at ya Mr. T! Oh, and when are you going to learn how to play Ping-Pong you lazy Capitalist! LOL Jk

Trump: I will learn how to hit little balls with a paddle when you learn how to hit little balls with a stick!

Xi JinPing: You’re a riot! OMG So, when are you coming to China?

Trump: Soon, very soon,lets get little Kimmy settled down first.

Xi JinPing: You got it man! Keep it real, see you soon.

Trump: Oh, one more thing, can I send you hillary, we are sick of her.

Xi JinPing: Dude, that’s not even funny, I thought we were friends!

No one really knows what was said, but you get the idea and I thought I would have some fun.

April 12, 2017

Trump goes on Fox News and drops big news. He is sending “an Armada”. Oh wait, he said: “You never know, do ya, you never know.” He didn’t say WHEN did he? LOL

April 13, 2017

As North Korea hurls threats at the United States we see China speak up and say that both parties should calm down. The Chinese government urging “calm” in the wake of North Korea’s “ruthless threats”.

CNN and other Fake News sources claim the USS Carl Vinson is steaming toward North Korea. They make it seem at though they have changed course and are heading back. The US Pentagon didn’t exactly say that, in fact, a quick review of the Pentagon News Releases shows no such thing, the Pentagon never issued a press release, where did CNN get their information?

April 15, 2017

President Trump heads to the golf course. Press Secretary Sean Spicer is spotted heading to the Pentagon for his weekend US Navy Reserve duty weekend. Kim Jong Un stands in front of a two-hour long parade where they reveal several new missile systems. Special Note: U.S. Intelligence wasn’t that surprised.

Later in the day, North Korea tries to launch a missile but it fails, for some reason.

President Trump finished his golf game. The Mainstream Media SPINs the new missile story.

April 19, 2017

The Mainstream Media realizes they screwed up. Trump never said the USS Carl Vinson was going to North Korea right now. They start working to cover up their previous fake news story. No one ever said the USS Carl Vinson has been “immediately” dispatched.

Now the Mainstream Media is playing right into Kim Jong Un’s hands. They are reporting the story about the USS Carl Vinson as if it was some kind of mistake. Some media outlets even cite “sources” claiming it was a mistake! LOL

So here we are. Some “source” started a fake news story about the USS Carl Vinson, and President Trump emphasized “…Submarines, more powerful than even Aircraft Carriers.”

The Devil is in the details. The Mainstream Media is starting to have problems keeping up with their web of lies! Their lies are HURTING the American People and aiding and supporting the enemy! The Mainstream Media will NEVER report the truth about this. 

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