BANNED: You won’t believe what this Teacher is accused of getting away with!


Did you hear about what allegedly happened to students at a Florida High School about two weeks ago? Did you see it on the evening news? Did you read about it in the paper?

You didn’t hear about it. The Mainstream Media has been completely silent. A few activist media outlets have picked up the story, but as of yet, the Mainstream Media has ignored their duty to report on these serious allegations.

If you are a parent, please take a deep breath before you read this. If you are a Christian take two deep breaths. If you are a Christian Parent sit down! This is extremely unsettling! …fair warning…

Liberty Counsel calls itself “an international nonprofit litigation, education, and policy organization specializing in constitutional law.” They say part of their mission is First Amendment advocacy. On April 19, 2017, Liberty Counsel sent a letter to the Superintendent of Hillsborough County Public Schools in Florida.

The letter details several allegations related to a teacher at a High School in the District. These allegations include the following:

“get out of my class” simply for wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat while working on an assignment

[Teacher]  has prohibited at least three children from wearing Christian cross necklaces in her classroom, claiming on occasion that they are “gang symbols.”

Picture of Actual Cross
Picture of Actual Cross

[teacher] clearly seeks opportunities to engage in [political] classroom activism

[using an outside political guidebook] for instruction which  encourages teachers to require students to engage in numerous forms of coercive, group, political activism, … regardless of parent desires or student religious beliefs, with no opt-out from classroom coercion. Students can either “go along to get along,” or risk being “outed” as disagreeing with the teacher and [said political] viewpoint.

Tweeting on Twitter and otherwise encouraging fellow teachers to use [outside political activist guide] during the school day, and join her in creating a politically-charged classroom environment

In the demand letter sent to the School District, Liberty Counsel outlined the policies they believe this teacher has violated. They cited Constitutional Law related to the rights of the students. They also call the alleged actions of the teacher “serious legal and ethical violations.”

You can read the entire Letter to the School District here:

You can read the entire Liberty Counsel Press Release here:

Where is the media??? SILENT! Out of respect for the process and the teacher’s privacy, I have not mentioned the teacher by name. The Media needs to do their job!

So far no public statement has been made by the District. Nothing, just silence. As far as we know this could be happening as you read this. This is only one side of the story, the Media owes it to the American People to get the truth about these very serious allegations.

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