How Extremists are Abusing Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence to silence discussion on important issues.


The Southern Poverty Law Center monitors hate groups. They have a list of organizations that they say promotes “hate.” The list is mostly valid, except for a handful of Family Rights and Christian Activist organizations.

They use the power of their “hate map” to make legitimate organizations seem like hate groups. Liberals have lumped Christian and Conservative causes into their hate monolog for years. THE SPLC Hate map isn’t the only place they do it.

They also do it on Facebook. Take for example someone who reports links on Facebook. They will report 9 really obvious links, for every 1 link they want to silence.

This is how the Militant Activists Left defeated Mark Zuckerberg’s Artificial Intelligence. Look I have said for a while now that Mark Zuckerberg should not be censoring our posts. He won’t listen.

Now the Liberals are using his own system against his platform. Conservatives are moving to Gab in droves. They are leaving because Facebook is Censoring, and the Facebook Artificial Intelligence isn’t really intelligent at all.

Any reasonable person would be able to look at a “report” and tell that it is coming from the same people over and over again. The Liberals are using Mark Zuckerberg’s News Feed Algorithms against Conservatives. But what do I know, I’m just a guy in my garage!