China Shakes World; What They Just Said to President Trump!


President Trump is ready to act. He made it clear with the strike on Syria. He will not be restrained by his pansy predecessors or Liberal wimps.

He meant what he said about North Korea. If China won’t do something about North Korea, the United States will. The USS Carl Vinson is getting close to the Korean Peninsula.

The Chinese Government was taken notice and has a shocking and surprising message for President Trump and Kim Jong-un. According to the Navy Times, Chinese State Run, television is asking both the United States and North Korea to:

“remain calm and observe restraint”

The United States of America is a Nuclear Power with the ability to strike anywhere and anytime. The ability to project power around the globe makes us a formidable foe and valuable Ally. It seems China has decided to get involved.

They are urging not only restraint from the United States but also North Korea. We will see if China can actually control the rabid dog they keep on their chain. Will North Korea remain calm, or will we be forced to put the rabid dog that has terrorized the World for decades?

The scary part for the world is this: President Trump is the only person who knows the answer to that question. Kim Jong-un has already crossed many lines. He has fired missiles at our Allies. He has threatened South Korea.

This was President Trump during the Campaign. All he is doing is keeping his word to the American people!

Kim Jong-un continues to threaten the use of a Nuclear Weapon against the United States. The truth is President Trump could wipe North Korea off the map. Trump would be completely justified if he decides to do it!

Congress doesn’t have to approve the use of force to protect the United States from an imminent threat. North Korea has been an imminent threat for several years. All President Trump has to do, is give the order.

Let’s hope Kim Jong-un realizes that President Trump is a 70-year-old Billionaire who has nothing to lose! If not, North Korea will become one big glass parking lot. Let’s keep South Korea and the enslaved people of North Korea in our Prayers. Let’s Pray that Kim Jong-un isn’t the fool he is pretending to be…

God Bless! God Bless our Military!! God Bless America!!!