BOOM! North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Just Got TRUMPED


It is working! President Donald J. Trump is doing something Obama, Clinton, and neither Bush could do. He has China twisting North Korea’s arm.

Finally, after decades of saber-rattling, North Korea is under pressure from China. Moments ago news broke that China is suspending Coal Trade with North Korea. This comes on the heels of a missile attack on Syria.

The Fox News Headline reads:

“China rejects North Korean coal shipments, opts for US supplies instead”

President Trump made it clear that one way or another North Korea would be dealt with. On April 10, 2017, Trump sent out two powerful Tweets. His message was obviously received by China.

This is obviously good news for Military Families who can give a sigh of relief. The United States Military was preparing for action against North Korea. President Trump recently ordered the USS Carl Vinson to return to the Korean Peninsula moments after ordering the strike on Syria.

This is that moment when this Music Video seems appropriate!

Spread the Good News! Let’s continue to pray for our leaders and our fighting men and women! God Bless! God Bless President Donald J. Trump!! God Bless our Military!!! God Bless America!!!!