Numbers your posts on F-ce b-_k, so your friend and followers will know what F-ce b__k has censored!


Facebook doesn’t care about the Constitution. They only care so far as they can abuse the law to achieve their own goals. The concept of freedom of speech falls on their deaf ears.

This is why Blogger should number their posts. When you post something to Facebook just drop a number at the beginning. This will allow your Facebook followers to know how much of your content Facebook is censoring out.

The same way newsletters are numbered. We have to fight back against this Communist censorship. We the people provide all of the content for Facebook. Why should they be allowed to ignore our values?

We should not have to demand that an American company use American values. It is a shame that an American company does not respect the Constitution. Sad days ahead, indeed! When you are forced to make a company comply with the very values that allowed them to succeed, you know your nation is in jeopardy!

Number your posts, it’s time to fight back! Please SHARE this and let’s get everyone working together to STOP Facebook Censorship!