Black Hawk down in Leonardtown, Maryland


Reports are coming out about a Military Helicopter that has gone down in St. Mary’s County near Leonardtown, Maryland.

This is breaking new, I will update this as more information comes available.

The Washington Time reports:

Maryland State Police spokesman Sgt. Davaughn Parker said a Black Hawk helicopter crashed in Leonardtown on Monday afternoon. He says state police have sent two medevac helicopters to the scene to assist.

WTOP is reporting:

Authorities say a military helicopter has crashed in southern Maryland.

A Fort Belvoir UH-60 Helicopter, with 3 crew members on board, had a hard landing at approximately 1:50 p.m. near Leonardtown, MD. One of the crew members was medically evacuated from the scene.

Posted by Fort Belvoir on Monday, April 17, 2017

The Blackhawk Helicopter is part of the United States Army’s arsenal of air support vehicles. It is also used for Special Operations.

Local amateur radio users are reporting that one person has died. Two seriously injured, as per Emergency Services Radio Communications. This is an unconfirmed report from amateur radio enthusiasts.

Images now coming in on Twitter: 2:57 EST

WJLA TV, a local station, is now reporting the crash, see their full report here: Below is a Tweet sent by the news station.

WGRZ an NBC News affiliate in the area has now picked up the story: 3:11 pm EST

3:18 pm EST From Emergency Radio Communications: a Helicopter Evac is leaving the scene with one patient in Guarded Delta condition.

Fox News reports the story beginning at 3:27 pm EST:

Fox is reporting at least 5 dead. The Army stated earlier that 3 were on board. (Conflicting Reports)

The Mainstream Media is now providing full coverage, SAD it took them 2 hours to get it together. Too bad a guy in his garage can do a better job than a bunch of Poynter Educated so called “Journalists!” I will update this blog post once major updates come out. I have contacted US Army Public Relations, the Golf Course, and local authorities. I will provide those updates once I receive them…

Let’s keep those who may have been onboard in our prayers along with their families!

Democracy is Dying in the Shadows of the Mainstream Media!