You won’t believe what these Witches plan to keep doing to Trump!


Liberal politics has taken a creepy turn. It’s one thing to support your candidate with prayer, positive thinking, and other “spiritual” things. It’s something entirely different to invoke hate from spirits. This started last month, and several media outlets reported it.

That is exactly what a group of Witches plans to do. Fox News says that these witches intend to continue to cast their spells until Trump is gone. They will cast their “binding” spell every Cresent Moon. It was reported by Fox on Sunday, March 26, 2017, on their early morning Fox News Channel show.


Here is a video of their activities last month.

On the other side, a new group called Potus Shield is praying for Trump. Just before the inauguration, I explained how that group is calling on an ancient and powerful God to protect President Trump back before the Inauguration. It seems people on both sides are doing everything they can to support or attack President Trump.

I guess the good news is, more people are paying attention to what our country is up to. More people seem to care. For better or worse, more Americans seem to care. On that note, I think we might just have a chance to turn things around, as long as people stay engaged.

Are you engaged? Do you discuss politics with friends and family? It all starts with us, the people. Let’s encourage everyone to get involved and stay involved because that is how we take our country back!

God Bless! God Bless America!!