The Koch Brothers and George Soros are now working together AGAINST us all!


Earlier today Fox News reported that the vote on the current bill designed to get rid of Obamacare was canceled. All thanks to George Soros Democrats and the Koch Brothers’ Republican RINOs. The truth about both George Soros and the Koch Brothers is out.

Neither of them cares about Americans! All they care about is their money. Today will go down in history as the greatest betrayal of the American people! Earlier this week George Soros wrote an Op-Ed attacking the effort to rid us of Obamacare and attacking Trump supporters. It was published by the New York Times.

The Koch Brother came out against the latest effort to repeal and replace Obamacare. They have promised Millions to Congressmen who vote against the bill. CNN reported on this on March 23, 2017.

The “Club for Growth” which is made of filthy stinking rich Republican RINOs also came out in support of Obamacare! It seems the filthy stinking rich on all sides want Americans to suffer under Obamacare! This was reported by the Hill on March 21, 2017.

President Trump is doing everything he can to Drain the Swamp. These Billionaire Moguls are doing everything they can to stop President Trump from draining their swamp. The fight to Take Our Country Back is far from over.

PLEASE, Make sure everyone knows that The Koch Brothers, Club for Growth, and George Soros are all on the same team, and it ain’t America’s team!

God Bless! Goes Bless President Donald J. Trump!! God Bless America!!!