Sean Hannity JUST RUINED Ted Koppel forever, all he can do now is retire!


Donald Trump has forever changed the Mainstream Media. He is the only President in a lifetime to call the Mainstream Media “Fake News”. The term fake news is used by the Left to attack Trump Supporters, and those of us who support America know that the Mainstream Media is nothing but fake news.

Sean Hannity recently agreed to do an interview with Ted Koppel. The interview lasted well over 40 minutes. CBS only aired a few seconds of the entire interview.

It seems like CBS is so concerned about how effective Sean Hannity is, they decided to label him Fake News. In an underhanded and dirty lie, CBS cast Sean Hannity as something he is not. For those of us who have watched him for years, we know Sean Hannity always digs to find the truth.

Let’s make sure the whole world knows about the latest dirty trick by the Mainstream Media. It’s time for Ted Koppel to retire. After the stunt he pulled, no one should ever be allowed to see him on television again!

Bill O’Reilly called Ted Koppel to the carpet on his attack of Sean Hannity.

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God Bless! God Bless Sean Hannity!! God Bless President Donald J. Trump!!! God Bless America!!!!