Meet the CHIEF INFILTRATOR who helped Democrats shove Obamacare down your throat, AGAIN!

Is it any wonder why President Trump wants to get rid of this SWAMP RAT first???


There is a small group of United States Representatives that belong to a “Good ‘ole Boy’s” Club. It really is just a Good ‘ole Boy’s Club. They all collude against the people by voting together. This “Freedom Caucus,” as they call themselves, operates like their own Party!

You are probably wondering how a small group of Congressman can have so much power. The answer is actually very simple. The House of Representatives has 435 members. In order to pass any bill, they need at least 218 votes. There are 247 Republicans.

When those 30 Congressmen decide to go against the rest of the Republican Party, and the PEOPLE like us, the Democrats win! Without the “Freedom Caucus,” the House can’t pass anything because the Republicans can only get 217 votes. Almost all of them vote along Party lines, except the “Freedom Caucus.”

Several filthy stinking rich Globalist Crony Capitalists have come out against the bill. Politico reported the “Koch network pledges to defend Republicans who vote against [the] GOP health[care] bill.” It seems to me, the vote is more about campaign contributions than what is right for America.

The main argument against the bill was that it didn’t go far enough to eliminate the mandate for health insurance. The proposed bill eliminated the penalty, making the mandate a toothless law. In order to bring the penalty back, Congress would still have to make a new law.

It would have LITERALLY taken an act of Congress to bring back the penalty if the “Freedom Caucus had not come out against the bill!”

This is just interference from filthy stinking rich Globalist Crony Capitalists. An excuse to keep Obamacare. Their excuse isn’t good enough, as far as I am concerned!

The Koch brothers are classic Liberals who masquerade as Conservatives. These men are NOT, I REPEAT NOT Conservative. They have never been Conservative and never will be! They have figured out how to get Politicians to do their dirty work. A real Conservative would work to eliminate the wasteful spending of Obamacare!

They are destroying the Republican party from the inside out under the guise of Fiscal Responsibility! They created the Tea Party to destroy the Republican Party! They are not Republicans, they are Globalist Crony Capitalists with a Liberal World View who spend a lot of money keeping the Republican Party in disarray!

The “Freedom Caucus” operates like a Party of its own, puppets of the Koch Brothers, even though they tell the folks back home they are “Republicans.” They didn’t behave like Republicans today. They behaved like troublemakers who could care less about the American people, or even the people who put them in office!

Mark Meadows is the current leader of the band of RENEGADES, that call themselves the “Freedom Caucus”. These Congressmen lead by Mark Meadows just “freed” more money from your pockets today! They just put more money in the pockets of their taskmasters. The filthy stinking rich Globalist Crony Capitalists! As far as I am concerned, they might as well be on the Koch’s payroll!!!

Mark Meadows, North Carolina, District 11

(202) 225-6401

Take a moment and look at how friendly CNN is with Mark Meadows. Sometimes the best evidence is what you see right in front of you!!!

Has CNN ever been so friendly with anyone who supported President Trump???

Here are the rest of the “Freedom Caucus” RENEGADES!

Justin Amash of Michigan

Brian Babin of Texas

Rod Blum of Iowa

Dave Brat of Virginia

Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma

Mo Brooks of Alabama

Ken Buck of Colorado

Warren Davidson of Ohio

Ron DeSantis of Florida

Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee

Jeff Duncan of South Carolina

Trent Franks of Arizona

Tom Garrett Jr. of Virginia

Paul Gosar of Arizona

Morgan Griffith of Virginia

Andy Harris of Maryland

Jody Hice of Georgia

Jim Jordan of Ohio, Chairman, 2015-2017

Raúl Labrador of Idaho

Alex Mooney of West Virginia

Gary Palmer of Alabama

Steve Pearce of New Mexico

Scott Perry of Pennsylvania

Ted Poe of Texas (Congressman Ted Poe has left the Freedom Caucus because they stonewalled the replacement of Obamacare this is a link to the article)

Bill Posey of Florida

Mark Sanford of South Carolina

David Schweikert of Arizona

Randy Weber of Texas

Ted Yoho of Florida

A final note from our President!

After seven horrible years of ObamaCare (skyrocketing premiums & deductibles, bad healthcare), this is finally your…

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Friday, March 24, 2017

Please, make sure everyone knows who just stabbed America in the BACK, AGAIN!

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God Bless! God Bless America!!!