How the Democrats LOST on Healthcare and don’t even realize it!


Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, and the rest are all talking about the “failure” to repeal and replace Obamacare. I was sad to see Fox News reporting the “failure” of the healthcare bill as anything except a resounding success. Yep, that’s right Trump Supporters WON again!

While no one was paying attention to what was going on, Trump just CRUSHED the Democrats and their Globalist Taskmasters! The biggest problem with healthcare is Obamacare. Who understands Obamacare?

The Democrats know it. The people who now have health insurance know it. The individuals who can no longer afford health insurance know it. Insurance Companies that are making record PROFITS understand it. BUT, we all see it from our own point of view, except the Democrats.

When Democrats passed Obamacare 8 year ago, they fully intended for it to FAIL! That is what they have always wanted. Why?

The Democrats want Government Healthcare.

The Democrats want to control everything that you do. They don’t represent industries. They don’t serve construction. They don’t represent anything except people who profit from the hard work of others.

Look at the Democrats. They are backed by Lawyers, Unions, Wall Street Fat Cats, Big Banks, and Federal Government Employees.

Democrats don’t MAKE anything. Democrats TAKE everything! The bigger the government, the more they can take from you and me!

Healthcare is the end all be all for government control. If the Democrats are allowed to create a government healthcare program, they can control every part of your life. They can justify charging us taxes for everything we do. All in the name of “healthcare.”

Just look at the taxes they charge of Soda in the major cities. Look at the taxes they charge on anything they can. All they need is an excuse! Healthcare gives them an excuse to tax everything from your WATER to the SHIRT ON YOUR BACK.

You better wear a UV rated shirt or pay a skin cancer tax. You better buy that water filter or pay the Lead Tax. You better not disagree with them or they will label you mentally unstable!

The Democrats shoved Obamacare down America’s throat because they wanted to make it impossible to replace. Today, millions depend on Obamacare. Democrats, working with their Globalist taskmasters have sent millions of jobs overseas. People are dependent on Obamacare because they have no other choice!

We have to bring opportunity back before we take health care away from Americans!

Have you noticed how the Mainstream Media always tries to make us mad? They want us angry with the “other side.” When we are busy being angry, we won’t have time to think about our fellow human beings, our fellow Americans.

Do you actually think people want to be forced to take a government handout? When there are no jobs, there are no choices. Most people on Obamacare don’t have a choice. The Democrats send our jobs overseas to make sure Americans have no CHOICE!

When we stop and think about those on the other side, we realize they aren’t much different than us. Who would avoid taking a good paying job so they can keep getting a handout? Most people are proud and don’t want a handout.

Sure, there are a few individuals. BUT, the VAST MAJORITY of Americans know that FREEDOM comes when you have the money to be free! When you have a good paying job, you have a lot more FREEDOM than you do when you can’t pay your bills!

If we bring jobs back to America, more people will have more choices. More people will gladly stop taking those handouts. More people will be FREE! More people taking care of themselves means there are fewer people for the government to care for.

Everyone is upset because the Healthcare bill failed. Everyone took a close look at how that happened. Once Americans were laser focused on the “failure,” President Trump made sure we all know who is responsible!

Who is the Freedom Caucus?

The Freedom Caucus has been causing problems in the House of Representatives for years. The Club for Growth funds them, which is heavily financed by the Koch brothers. NEWSFLASH: The Koch brothers are Liberals!

Charles Koch described himself as a “Classic Liberal” to the Washington Times in October of 2015. The Mainstream Media is quick to blame the “RINOs” for getting nothing done. BUT, the Freedom Caucus has 30 members.

Those 30 members have enough votes to stop the rest of the Republicans from getting anything done. When you look at the voting record, you see that the Freedom Caucus has gotten in the way of the rest of Republicans for years. So, who is to blame?

Do we blame the 217 Republicans, or the Liberal Koch brother funded “Freedom Caucus?” The Republicans might have the majority, BUT the Koch brothers have the final say. It has to make you wonder: “Do the Republicans actually have the majority?”

The Successful FAILURE of a healthcare replacement plan!

I love the way President Trump has used the Democrats own methods against them. We have all heard the saying used by Democrats “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” President Trump is working with House Speaker Paul Ryan and just used the Healthcare Replacement CRISIS to EXPOSE the real problem in Congress.

The Freedom Caucus is preaching a FULL REPEAL. They know that a full repeal would lead to millions of people who can’t find jobs being without healthcare. The Koch brothers must know this would result in victory for Democrats in 2018.

Now that we are paying attention we know that we have to PHASE OUT OBAMACARE! If we don’t, we will lose Congress in 2018, and we will be right back where we were! That is how the Globalists want to stop Trump. That is how they want to prevent us from Taking our Country Back!

I want Obamacare GONE! I want it GONE as soon as possible, BUT I also understand that we have a lot of people who need a chance FIRST! We have to bring jobs back to America FIRST!

The plan presented by Paul Ryan and presumably rubber stamped by the Trump Administration is a THREE PHASE PLAN! The reason it has three stages is that we can only go so far before we take free healthcare away from people who want to work, but can’t find a job!

We have to Repeal Obamacare not necessarily in this order…

  1. Create some Jobs.
  2. Create Competition in the Healthcare Markets to bring down cost.
  3. Fix immigration, so Americans have a fair shot at a good job.
  4. Make it harder for the Globalists to send our jobs overseas. (Silicon Valley)
  5. Bring jobs back from overseas.
  6. Increase the wages that Americans are paid. That will happen naturally with fair trade, good immigration, and ending Currency Manipulation.
  7. Get our High School and College Kids back to work, this will happen once more experienced people take the better jobs, and illegals are sent home.
  8. Reform our Welfare system for those still on it, after we finish steps 1 through 7.

I want Obamacare gone as much as you do! BUT we have to be SMART about it! We can move fast, but we have to make sure we don’t leave our fellow Americans out in the cold! They have a vote too, and as much as I hate to admit it, we barely won the election…

If we just get rid of Obamacare, the Democrats win. When President Trump gave his speech accepting the results of the election, he said a few powerful words I hope we never forget!

This is just the beginning… …we have a lot of work, still to do!

President Trump has done more for Americans in two months than Obama did in eight years. BUT, we have to stay the course. We must keep working hard to Make America Great Again! That includes flushing out fake Republicans who are paid to do the bidding of Liberals!!!

Hidden in the details of the “failure” to pass health care reform, is the VICTORY of knowing who wants to Make America Great Again, and who is lining their pockets with blood money! By the way, I never saw an announcement saying the Freedom Caucus stopped being #NeverTrump unless you saw something I didn’t!

God Bless! God Bless President Donald J. Trump!! God Bless America!!!