Marines being told “orders could come at any moment,” to go and secure the Border, aid Border Patrol.


I have been made aware of some things that are moving down the chain of command inside the United State Marine Corps.

I was told:

“It’s like 1989 all over again, except this time we are going to get it done, this time we will be able to engage like never before.”

In 1989 about 50 Marines were sent to train the Border Patrol on intelligence gathering techniques, but they were not allowed to engage or act. Those Marines were only allowed to operate on land owned by the government because the US Military is not allowed to operate on private property.

Certain US Marines will likely be assigned to assist, support, and in some cases train Border Patrol Agents, but the type of training was not disclosed.

Areas, where the most dangerous illegal aliens are known to cross the border, will be the focus of their efforts, specifically on Federally owned lands and possibly on land owned by the states. The total number of Marines that will be deployed could range from as few as 40 to as many as 4000 which will depend on exact duties Marines are given.

When I pressed on the certainty of the deployment I was told:

“Right now, we are being told orders could come at any moment; we won’t know for certain until the orders get here, but  we have been preparing for several weeks now.”

The exact locations of the Marines’ deployment is not known but “California and Arizona are on the list.” With some Marines possibly being deployed alongside the Border Patrol.

President Trump recently revealed that he plans to use the United States Military on the border of the United States, and my source confirmed that there have been discussions about this possibility for several months, and training for several weeks.

Until now most of the planning for the operations have been classified, but portions of it have been declassified due to the timetable of the deployment. It was assured that no classified information was shared (I will not publish information I know to be classified,) our source said:

“You can classify whatever you want, but it is impossible to hide what everyone will see soon enough. I guess that is why it was declassified.”

“You can’t hide a tent city filled with Marines for very long.”

The Pentagon nor the White House responded to my request for comment.

CNN’s Jim Acosta just terrified kids and humiliated himself at the White House Easter Egg roll.


On a day that is set aside to remind us of the ultimate gift from God. CNN’s Jim Acosta yelled from the crowd at President Trump.

This outburst was made during what was supposed to be a happy event at the Whitehouse.

Jim Acosta yelled from across the lawn:

“Mr. President… What about the DACA kids, should they worry.”

We all know that most children don’t even know what DACA is. Most children know what “kids” and “worry” are. This must have been terrifying for the children who were there to have fun and celebrate.

A reporter from the Daily Caller caught this unthinkable act of terror on video and shared it on Twitter.

His inflammatory remarks ended with:

“Didn’t you kill DACA? Didn’t you kill DACA?”

Again, most children don’t even know what DACA is. Imagine the sheer terror that Jim Acosta must have caused all of the children in attendance as they thought to themselves.

“Who is Daca? Should I worry?”

The worst part is Jim Acosta is just spreading lies! We all know the Democrats killed DACA.

I was inspired to write this after reading Fake News from the new website associated with the Occupy Democrats Facebook Page. It is going viral and it is just as absurd as my article. Except, Facebook doesn’t seem to have a problem with their Fake News.

Posted by Occupy Democrats on Monday, April 2, 2018

Oh, BUT I am not alone, even Gov. Mike Huckabee chimed in Jim Acosta’s Antics!

Let’s see if they have a problem with my Hyperpartisan OPINION Article! …and I am not even pretending to be the news, like the so-called “Washington Press”…

“This ridiculous situation,” as President Trump signs Omnibus Bill.


On March 23rd the President addressed the press about the recent bill sent to him for a signature. The Omnibus Budget Bill. He said he was going to talk about “this ridiculous situation.”

After allowing Secretary Ross to make a comment the President took the podium expressing his disappointment about the bill. He said:

“…as a matter of national security, I’ve sign [the bill]…”

He went on to explain the many things he says he is unhappy about. He said some parts of the bill were a compromise so he could see too rebuilding the United States military. He had a message for Congress.

“I will never sign another bill like this again. Not going to do it again. Nobody read it, its only hours old, some people don’t even know what is in it. “

The president went on to express his disappointment and related his frustration to how he believes Obama may have felt when Number 44 signed the largest Omnibus budget bill in history. The bill signed by President Trump is the second largest and Obama still holds the record for the largest Omnibus will ever to be signed into law.

He blamed the Democrats for having such a large bill because he said they don’t believe in having a strong military, and sympathized with DACA recipients who he says have been treated “badly.”

He called on the United States Senate to end the Fillibuster rule so things can get done.

The President is clearly unhappy with Congress at many levels. Appearing to still want to work with Congress he took time to say that we can be disappointed in some ways and this is a victory for our Military.

Rumors swirl about Huma Abedin’s whereabouts as Clinton’s former staffer set to release a new book.


Huma Abedin has had a tough time. At least that is what it looks like from up here in the cheap seats. No one really knows except those who were there during the 2016 campaign.

Jennifer Palmieri, the Hillary Clinton campaign’s former head of communications is set to release a new book putting Huma back in the spotlight. According to ‘People politics:’

“…a new book reveals that the presidential candidate comforted her top aide, Huma Abedin, who was sobbing because her then-husband, disgraced New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, was to blame.”

A new blitz of media surrounding the wanna be President, Hillary Clinton has sparked some unusual rumors online. The well-known Sub-Reddit called r/The_Donald has a post that is topping the list in their community.

Don’t let her kill again… help me! from The_Donald

The Meme seems to make light of the imagery used by the Hillary campaign and it plays on Internet Myths or Legends, depending on your perspective. Those well known long-standing claims that the Clintons have killed people that got in their way are nothing new.

This does beg the question, though. Where is Huma Abedin? Her Twitter account hasn’t been updated since 2016. She hasn’t made any recent media appearances, and she hasn’t been spotted in public for many months, at least that I know of.

Will she be the next person to go missing and fuel the long list of online claims about the Clintons? Or will she reappear just in time to promote the new book by Jennifer Palmieri?

Only time will tell. One thing is certain, the internet never forgets. So if she does go missing she will always be remembered making that last {sateriacal} cry of help to the super loyal Trump Supporters on r/The_Donald.

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How to Block Facebook and Twitter using CloudFlare


Over the past year, Facebook and Twitter have increased their abuses of Christians, Conservatives and Trump Supporters. It is time to fight back.

If you haven’t set up a account and a account, I highly recommend you do so as soon as possible. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, they still allow free speech.

Facebook not only throttles content they disagree with, allows users to hide their attacks against you, and conspire to undermine the truth, they also read everything you produce, even things that are not shared on their platforms.

Facebook and Twitter both use bots to crawl our websites. They do this to gain intelligence and use that intelligence to undermine our viewpoints.

Facebook and Twitter both use your Copyrighted content without your permission by placing it in their caching systems without regard for who is slandering your reputation or good name.

In order to prevent Facebook or Twitter from reaching your website, you can block both of their networks using the following simple steps.

If you are a Web Administrator and you don’t know what Cloudflare is, you don’t know what you are missing. It is a powerful edge content caching solution that will reduce the load on your server. There are free accounts for small personal blogs and a $20 and $200 a month option for larger websites.

Now, how to block Facebook and Twitter from reading your content, and allowing their Liberals infested platforms to be used against you.

Log into your Cloudflare account, then click on Firewall.

Once you are in the Firewall section scroll down until you see Access Rules. At the top of this section, you will see a place to add new rules. Enter “AS32934,” choose the option to “Block,” for “This Website,” add a note something like “Block Facebook,” then click the green “Add” Button.

For Twitter follow the same steps except you will:

Enter “AS13414,” choose the option to “Block,” for “This Website,” add a note something like “Block Facebook,” then click the green “Add” Button.

Now all you have to do is update your site and tell your readers that you proudly block Facebook and Twitter and ask them to share your content using Gab, Codias, email or Text Messages.

When someone attempts to share a link to your website on Facebook they will see this message.

When someone Tweets your link the link will show up, however, they will not see an image.

What goes around comes around, Enjoy! The internet is OURS, not theirs! It is time to take it back from the Silicon Valley wanna be demigods.

You’re Fired! Tillerson is out Pompeo is in on the eve of critical negotiations with North Korea.


Rex Tillerson is out as the Secretary of State.

Yesterday at around noon Trump called Tillerson to tell him he was fired. This comes on the eve of critical negotiations with North Korea.

The President wasted no time in delivering the news directly to the country. He sent a Tweet over the head of the Mainstream media.

As you can see, he also announced that Gina Haspel will become the first woman to lead the CIA.

President Trump also made comments to the Media and Press as he was about to board Marine One. Saying:

“I wish Rex Tillerson well.”

He also commented on the great working relationship he has had with Mike Pompeo.

No need to rewrite the Constitution, if no one can read it. The lost art of Cursive.


I was stunned to learn that my 14-year-old never learned to write in cursive. I don’t recall what brought the topic up, but I recall the look on his face when I showed up with a stack of third-grade cursive books from the bookstore, and a plan to teach him handwriting over the summer.

It was one of those moments as a father that I told my son, “You will thank me later, now just do it.”

As a technology consultant for twenty years, I have watched first hand as jobs have left the country by way of California. The high and mighty Silicon Valley Tech demigods have convinced the world that EASY is the way to go.

There is little regard for common sense. People increasingly rely on technology. I believe the greatest threat to our freedom is the internet. People don’t study anymore, they just look it up on Google.

New drivers don’t have to remember how to get around anymore, they just put the address on their phone. Sometimes I wonder how many people would know how to get to work without their Smartphone.

That brings me back to handwriting. In all fairness, I have always had poor handwriting, but it was legible. Most kids these days don’t even know what the word legible means.

Handwriting is a basic life skill. What happens when you find yourself needing to write a letter? What happens if you are so broke you cannot afford a Smartphone?

I started doing some research on the issue. What I found was absolutely shocking. By my count over two-thirds of public schools don’t teach children how to read or write in cursive anymore.

I see that as a recipe for disaster. That translates into the next generation being completely illiterate. Sure they can read printed text, but how will they read the Constitution?

We worry about our children keeping their freedom. The truth is those who want to do away with the Constitution have taught our children to look down on things from the past. Have you ever seen how a child looks at things that are old?

What does the Constitution look like to our children? Just another old outdated thing to be done away with. I find the thought terrifying.

How will they function without a Smartphone in their hand? Who controls those Smartphones?

I believe we are setting our children up to be slaves and I think we need to bring handwriting back to our schools. There is no more a basic life skill than being able to read and write.

Schiff is full of ‘silence’ as House Intel Committee spokesman says: “We’ve found no evidence of collusion.”


Over a year after President Trump took office, the House Intelligence Committee plans to release a report stating that they have “found no evidence of collusion.”

According to the Washington Post:

“Republicans also determined that while the Russian government did pursue “active measures” to interfere in the election, it did not do so with the intention of helping Trump’s campaign, contradicting the U.S. intelligence community’s findings.”

CNN writes:

“The decision is expected to be met with sharp criticism from Democrats, who have said there are still scores of witnesses the committee should call, and argue that Republicans have failed to use subpoenas to obtain documents and require witnesses to answer questions that are central to the investigation.”


The first reports of the plan to release findings were published early this morning. Adam Schiff has not Tweeted at all since that time. When this article was published Adam Schiff was still silent and no reports have been published outlining any statements he has made.

I contacted Adam Schiff’s office this morning after the first reports came out. At this point, he has not returned my call. His curious silence could signal that Democrats know they have been defeated and the truth has prevailed.

Or, it could signal a detailed counter-response is coming. If it is coming from the Democrats we know it will do nothing except muddy the water.

In either case, we can be sure Adam Schiff is full of a lot more than just silence.

UPDATE: I guess Adam Schiff read my article. Eight minutes after I published this, he Tweeted. I guess he is full of more than just silence.

If you are moving into a 40 story high rise, sorry to tell you, you aren’t a Texan, you are Left Coast Liberal Raider.


They say everything is bigger in Texas. By in large that is true, except our cities.

Growing up in Texas.

When I grew up in North Texas the Dallas skyline wasn’t filled with high rise condominiums that are today packed with Left coast liberals and built with Eastern old money. Nope, people didn’t live downtown back then.

Texans wanted a yard big enough to have a garden and chickens out back. Shoot, two houses down the Rich family bought 4 extra lots so they could have horses out back. My aunt and uncle owned an extra lot behind theirs so they could rotate between a cow and a lamb every year. I’ll tell ya, my Aunt Gen grew some cool stuff in her greenhouse.

I know what you Colorado people are thinking, and NO, my uncle Larry was a full-blown Southern Baptist preacher so, no, Aunt Gen wasn’t raising what you are thinking. The only high my family ever got was high on life with good clean living and a healthy fear of God.

My other uncle owned nearly an acre with a massive garage out back. He didn’t have chicken, but man did they have a garden some years.

I grew up next door to my grandparents, and they had it all. Chickens, a garden, and they had a lamb every few years. My Granny had rabbits, and let me tell you, a fried rabbit is way better than fried chicken.

Today things are changing in Texas and it isn’t for the better.

The Left coast invasion.

Today eastern old money is building like wildfire in downtown Dallas. It all started when they demolished the old coal-fired power plant downtown. I blame Mark Cuban and his pie in sky liberal lunacy.

He built the Mavericks/Stars stadium where that power plant used to be, now the east coast money keeps pouring in. They build it and the Left coast liberals are dumb enough to pay five prices for a view. A view filled with more and more man made crap.

These tree huggers from California come out here, move into their energy-sucking condos, drive their lead-filled electric cars, ride around on rent-a-bikes that they leave laying all over the place, and throw their trash in the streets and then try to lecture us on saving the environment. Don’t get me started on the God-haters, they are worse.

They come in and the first thing they do is toss the Bible, God’s word, out the window and start preaching “hope and change.” The next thing you know we have the Boy Scouts adopting an anything goes policy. Yes, the National Boy Scouts of America is based in North Texas.

Not only do we have to deal with hypocrite tree huggers and God-haters, now we have to deal with these globalists. They think it is better to send jobs overseas than to help your fellow Americans by keeping the work here.

The worst part is these Left coast liberals have no idea how to think for themselves. You have to be extra careful when you drive downtown because you are guaranteed to have some moron walk out in front of you because she or he is staring at their master while they walk. A smartphone that is, there ain’t nothing Smart about a Smartphone.

Those God Forsaken little devices have people praying to the same Silicon Valley demigods that drove them to Texas in the first place. In the Bible, we call them Baal.

Yep, Texas is changing all right, and it isn’t getting any better. Our only hope is to do something about those Left coast liberals who are sending us their tree hugging, God-hating, globalists cult members.

It is time to take Texas back, which means its time to get serious about technology development in Texas. We don’t need or want any of those Liberal companies here, we need Texans to bring back what used to be Telecom Corridor in Richardson. We need to give California a run for their money.

If we don’t, the only thing that will get bigger in Texas is our taxes and our social problems! The worst part will be that kids won’t know where the corn and green beans and hamburger meat comes from, now that will be a Texas-sized travesty.

God help us save Texas!