No Senate Run for me… We are all SCREWED!!!


Well, that was an utter, complete, and undeniable failure.

I guess that is what I get for thinking I could beat a rigged system.

How does a man like Ted Cruz amass millions of dollars? It is a fair question. Can you say California Democrats who call themselves “Libertarian?”

I couldn’t raise $5,000 in ten days but Ted Cruz is sitting on millions. Millions of dollars for his Senate Campaign.

I smell a rat. The stench of the swamp is ruining our national air quality. It would seem President Trump is the last best hope for America.

If the rigged system succeeds in defeating him, the only thing left to do will be the same thing we did in 1775! No! I am not joking.

The sad part is our society is so apathetic and self-serving I don’t that will even work. Nope, unless Americans wake up to the corruption and collusion between Big Business, Big Media, and Big Government it will be our grandchildren who will have no choice but to take up arms and take our country back.

Too many people are used to having everything for FREE. FREE is not freedom, it is tyranny. But What do I know, I’m just a guy who used to operate out of his garage.

Mark Zuckerberg is EVIL along with every other stakeholder in Silicon Valley. They are controlling the conversation and Congress is letting them do it!

In the end, they will all stand before God on the day of Judgement. Knowing this helps me sleep just fine at night.

Silicon Valley, you are totally screwed! I just turned you over to God, I’m done trying, so GOOD LUCK!

One year to the day after Trump won, Facebook took their revenge.


NOTE: The Thomas Dillingham for Senate site is located at this link:

Have you seen any good news about the President on your Facebook “news” feed lately?

Didn’t think so!

That’s because, on November 8, 2017, one year to the day after Trump won, Facebook took out one of the most popular Pro-Trump blogs on the internet.  Liberty Writers consistently maintained their status as one of the top 1000 websites in the United States according to Alexa Certified rankings, with a few exceptions where there was some technical issues. Danny Gold (Ben) and Paris Swade run Liberty Writers, at least they did.

I know this because they were one of my best hosting customers. I hosted their website.

Facebook took down Liberty Writers, The Lutchman Report, and several other Facebook Pages including Trump Daily. I hosted a few other websites called Swamp Drain and Dan Sessions but they didn’t have a Facebook Page directly just domains and a knack for finding some of the funniest things related to Trump’s opponents I have ever seen.

Altogether these pages had about 4 million followers. Many of them were paid for by my customers using FACEBOOK APPROVED ADS, or so I have heard. In order to get an ad approved on Facebook, it must review by Facebook…

Danny Gold and Paris Swade
Danny Gold and Paris Swade creators Liberty Writers Pro-Trump Superheros, Villans to the Radical Alt-Left


I know them all because I hosted their websites.

Mark Lutchman Pro-Trump Blogger

Today I am left with a garage filled with servers and no websites to host. After Facebook took down the Facebook Pages I had no choice but to vacate my datacenters. And yes, the websites are still up and running, but without traffic, I make no money because I was paid for usage…

It cost money to host a website. I charged a fair price and made a business of being willing to host high volume Pro-Trump blogs. Today, I am paying the price. My business is ruined.

I believe Facebook hates Christians.

I believe Facebook hates Conservatives.

And most of all… I believe Facebook hates our President, President Donald J. Trump.

Facebook made all of this clear to me with their actions on November 8, 2017, when they took down the only American Owned and Operated pro-Trump blogs on the internet.

The sad truth is, the Russians still have their sites, the Macedonians still have their sites, it only seems to be a problem if you are an American, talking about American politics and you are not going out of your way to attack President Trump.

Mark Zuckerberg, you are an evil, EVIL man! He talks about giving people the power to share. It seems Mark Zuckerberg only means what he says about sharing for people who want to be in his soup line.

After all, it was Mark Zuckerberg that said he wants to pay for “Universal Basic Income.” Another word for that is Communism.

I am coming to get Facebook and the rest of Silicon Valley. Please, vote for me in the upcoming election. One way or another we are Taking Our Country Back.

All Facebook really did was put a lot of people, who do their part for America, out of job; all because those Americans want to Make America Great Again, and Mark Zuckerberg wants us all in HIS SOUPLINE (aka Universal Basic Income!).

Maybe I can get Mark F. Zuckerberg to write me a check while I am running for office, oh wait! The only people he wants to give money to, are people who DON’T want to work for a living! (But, what do I know, that’s just my opinion.)

But, they were Spammers you say!


All we have left is Fake News from Russia, Macedonia, and of course, the Lying Main Stream Media. Please don’t share any of their fake garbage on Facebook… …but don’t forget to share this, I might be broke, but I REFUSE TO BE SILENCED!

My Dreams are sitting on the floor of my garage, this is about 20% of the equipment used to run my former customers’ websites… I believe this is what Facebookism looks like when you disagree with their worldview.

The dreams of a better life for the Dillingham Family are sitting on the garage floor at Thomas Dillingham’s house. He believes this is all thanks to the “Communists at Facebook who HATE Christians, HATE Conservatives and HATE our President, President Donald J. Trump!”

If only I could be so lucky to have someone call this “fake news,” I would love to sue… After all, I still have a family to feed, and I would love to retire at forty-three!

If you are looking at my site you will notice I haven’t written here in a while. That is because I was trying to build a new news organization called Nation One News. It was going well. I was even on the White House Press pool, but I resigned that role today.

I resigned and handed all of the rights to Nation One News off to a non-Profit news organization, so I can run for Senate.

For Media Inquiries please email me at [email protected]

The good news about President Trump’s first 100 days.


President Trump has worked almost nonstop since he took office just over 100 days ago. All we hear in the Mainstream Media are bad things. They don’t share any good news.

President Trump said that we were up against the media. He was right we all know that now. If you can still stomach to watch or read what the Mainstream Media puts out you know he was right.

Executive Orders

I want to point out one thing that is not being talked about enough. President Trump is NOT a lawmaker. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the United States of America.

Even though he is not a lawmaker, Congress has done more in the last 100 days than they did over the last 8 years!

President Trump has signed over thirty Executive Orders and directed, even more changes to the Executive Branch of government. Here are my top twelve Executive Orders he has signed:

  1. Reduce the Size of Government.
  2. Reduce the burden of Big Government on Small Businesses.
  3. Established a set of new principles used to govern our financial system.
  4. Make sure Federal Law enforcement departments are enforcing the laws we already have.
  5. Realigned the Department of Justice to be more effective.
  6. Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda
  7. Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch
  8. Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth
  9. Encourage American Companies and government to Buy American and Hire American.
  10. Look for ways to reduce the Federal Tax burdens.
  11. Improving Accountability and Whistleblower Protection at the Department of Veterans Affairs
  12. Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Appointees

Not Just Executive Orders

Not only has President Trump gone out of his way to unwind the mess left by the Obama Administration he is also keeping the American Dream alive. The Mainstream Media doesn’t give President Trump the credit he deserves. He has continued to push the enthusiasm for Making America Great Again.

He has hosted many rallies to keep the fires of change burning. His efforts have kept Americans alert and calling for change. The election might be over, but he continues to spread his message of putting American First. More and more people get behind President Trump’s agenda, the People’s agenda every day!

I believe the most amazing thing Trump has accomplished is his ability to pull the fractured Republican Party together. His efforts are turning lawmakers back to the people they work for, not those who line their pockets. With his huge audience on Social Media, he is holding accountable the small groups of Senators and Congressmen that secretly represent filthy stinking rich people.

He has shamed some Congressmen into to doing what is right for the people. He has supported the election of Congressmen who will be good for Americans. Last but not least, he has changed the way America sees the Republican Party!

Using Golf and Mar-A-Lago for all Americans!

Finally, President Trump has worked golf into his weekends. That’s right he has played Golf! He might be the first President to ever strike more than golf balls on the course. He is actually striking deals for America! He has invited dozens of Congressmen, Foreign Leaders, and Business Leaders to join him in a round of golf on his own golf courses.

While we have enjoyed our time off work on the weekends. President Trump has taken our fight to Make America Great Again with him at times when most people are resting up for the next week. It seems President is all work and no play, even on the Golf Course.

He is certainly the First President of the United States who sees it as his duty to do whatever it takes to help all Americans. Even if that means ruining a perfectly enjoyable game of golf by talking Politics on behalf of the American people. Bet you didn’t hear that in the Mainstream Media!

God Bless! God Bless President Donald J. Trump!! God Bless America!!!

Share the good news, please.

Trump just said he is a Nationalist and a Globalist, and that is a good thing…


President Trump’s detractors were quick to pile on after a Wall Street Journal article was published on April 27, 2017. Nevertrumpers are climbing to their virtual rooftops to yell, “Trump said he is a Globalist!” One of the more well-known Anti-Trumpers took to Twitter.

I agree with Matt Walsh on more accounts than I disagree. Unfortunately, Matt seems unable to see past his own bias. His typical snark, in this case, seems meant to throw everyone off of the trail to the truth. It seems his own cognitive dissidents, or projection thereof, won’t allow him to see beyond his failed choice, Ted Cruz.

For those who are shocked that I would say such a thing about Matt Walsh, you should know I am an Equal Opportunity Critic. I love the Truth, not men. I love the Lord, not gold.

Matt Walsh knows that few will actually read the Wall Street Journal Article. If they did, most would see that President Trump is using NAFTA as a bargaining chip. They would also know how our trade deficit with Canada and Mexico has grown since it was instituted in 1994. The Wall Street Journal provided an excellent graph in their article, at least on the desktop version of the website.

The article is also clear to point out that President Trump said he would “negotiate” instead of “terminate.” Matt Walsh along with many others on the right are still angry because their anointed son, Ted Cruz got beat. Too blind to see the truth they find boogymen everywhere.

In another Tweet only moments later he said:

Surely, I am not the only person who has been reading the press released on or watching Sean Spicers Press Conferences on Youtube. You aren’t hearing about Trump’s efforts from the Mainstream Media. They tout unconstitutional court orders, but not his successes.

So did President Trump actually say he is “both a Nationalist and a Globalist?” Yes, Yes he did! What he didn’t say was American last, or Globe first. His statements about putting America First haven’t change.

In order to put American First, you have to put everyone else in their place. How can you know how to reorder the world, if you don’t understand it? In order to that, you have to be a Globalist, at least to some extent.

I am not worried about President Trump claiming he is a “Nationalist and a Globalist.” As long as he keeps his priorities straight. Putting American First, which so far he has done. I trust he will continue to put America First, and rest of the world in their place…  😉

Here is the link to the Wall Street Journal Article

How Extremists are Abusing Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence to silence discussion on important issues.


The Southern Poverty Law Center monitors hate groups. They have a list of organizations that they say promotes “hate.” The list is mostly valid, except for a handful of Family Rights and Christian Activist organizations.

They use the power of their “hate map” to make legitimate organizations seem like hate groups. Liberals have lumped Christian and Conservative causes into their hate monolog for years. THE SPLC Hate map isn’t the only place they do it.

They also do it on Facebook. Take for example someone who reports links on Facebook. They will report 9 really obvious links, for every 1 link they want to silence.

This is how the Militant Activists Left defeated Mark Zuckerberg’s Artificial Intelligence. Look I have said for a while now that Mark Zuckerberg should not be censoring our posts. He won’t listen.

Now the Liberals are using his own system against his platform. Conservatives are moving to Gab in droves. They are leaving because Facebook is Censoring, and the Facebook Artificial Intelligence isn’t really intelligent at all.

Any reasonable person would be able to look at a “report” and tell that it is coming from the same people over and over again. The Liberals are using Mark Zuckerberg’s News Feed Algorithms against Conservatives. But what do I know, I’m just a guy in my garage!

How to ruin your Facebook traffic and destroy your online business in three simple steps.


Do you have a desire to ruin your Facebook Traffic? Do you want Facebook to put you out of business? If so, just follow these three simple steps.

  1. Write an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg.
  2. Criticize Facebook for Censoring the Internet.
  3. Explain to users how to make it difficult for Facebook to use you like a lab rat.

Finally, if you are looking for bonus self-destruction, share your experience of being completely cut off by Facebook with the world.

Yep, it’s that simple. All you really have to do is disagree with Facebook and they will put you right out of business. Good Luck Everyone!

Facebook doesn’t actually respect the Constitution. They just abuse the law and pretend. Just like any other massive company. They do happen to do one thing different though, they play games with their prey before they kill it! Oh, the joy of being trapped in Mark Zuckerberg’s demented social experiment!

Why you should change at least one setting on your Facebook Account every day.


You are being studied. Like a rat, in a cage, Mark Zuckerberg and his minions are watching your every move. Once they have you figured out they will start moving the cheese.

You are like a hungry rat in a cage working your way through a maze. That is what you are to Mark Zuckerberg. So, don’t give him what he wants.

To him, Facebook is just a game. A toy he plays with that happens to make him money. You are all part of his big virtual reality game! …let that sink in for a minute.

Every Day you should go into your settings on Facebook at make at least one change. Change a picture. Change your cover photo. Change the words in of the description field.

Also, keep your “Likes” clean too. Go through your Like list and remove the “Likes” you don’t want to see any more. Make subtle daily changes.

Let’s show Mark Zuckerberg what is feels like to be a rat in our cage!

I just moved your cheese, Mark Zuckerberg, welcome to my world!

Who gave us Income Tax, World War I, World War II, and Obamacare?


Every year we are forced to file our taxes. Taxes are based on what you make, not what you own. Until 1913 taxes were divided among the states and citizens proportionately.

In 1913 that all changed. The ability for Washington DC politicians to take from poor and give to the rich was born. Today the Federal Government uses billions of dollars in “federal funding” to interfere with our civil and states rights.

Take for example the money given to major cities by the Federal Government. Income Taxes are collected across the country, yet billions of dollar flow into huge cities. Those Federal dollars are so important that cities can no longer function without them.

Income Tax literally takes from the poor and gives to the rich. Why do you think big companies always move closer to big cities? They do it to take advantage of lower taxes.

But how did we get Income Tax? You can say Thank You to the Democrats! Yep, that’s right.

The 63rd congress which existed from 1913 to 1915 gave us Income Taxes. Democrats controlled 2/3 of the House. Just like Obamacare in 2008, Democrats shoved Income Taxes down the throats of Americans.

Democrats also gave us the IRS and several other Federal Government agencies. Let’s not forget the declaration of war that landed us in World War I. Never again can Democrats have that kind of power.

One more thing.  Guess who controlled 66.7% of Congress when we declared war in 1941? You guessed it, the Democrats. Let’s not forget our history folks!

Can you imagine the damage Obama could have done if his congress had controlled 2/3 of the seats? The 2nd Amendment would be gone and we would be well on our way to One World Government.

Let that sink in for a moment…

BREAKING: Angry Mob Storms Heritage Foundation


A Communist Mob stormed the Heritage Foundation starting at around 11:15 AM on April 25, 2017. The Daily Signal started a live stream on Facebook to capture the events. The police arrived and the live stream ended shortly thereafter.

I am looking for updates on this even as they unfold. I will update this article as more information comes available. For now, have a look at Communism in action:

Protesters stormed The Heritage Foundation building in opposition to Trump's budget.

Posted by The Daily Signal on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

These communist organizers are getting out of control. This protestor openly admits their intent is to shut them down. She openly admitted they are committing a crime on Social Media.

A picture of the organizer just before they stormed the building.

Another speaker, just before they stormed the building.

The Daily Signal is trying to get answers.

Protesters descended on The Heritage Foundation to protest President Trump's budget. We find out what they're opposed to and why they're out protesting today.

Posted by The Daily Signal on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A second Video from The Daily Signal.

We're live with protesters in front of The Heritage Foundation.

Posted by The Daily Signal on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I don’t know about you but I think we need to start locking people up. This is happening now, let’s keep the employees of the Heritage Foundation in our prayers. When you have this many angry people together anything can happen!

These Two American Icons just showed that Trump’s America First policy is working.


President Trump isn’t shy about his love for America. In fact, he seems to go out of his way to bring attention to American companies. Before and after his election he has been seen putting a spotlight on American companies.

Who can forget the iconic picture of Candidate Trump on “Trump Force One” eating a cheeseburger and fries from McDonald’s? McDonald’s was established April 15, 1955, in Des Plaines, IL. This American Icon is known around the world for their cheeseburgers, fries, and McNuggets.

Trump recently invited Caterpillar to the Whitehouse. The picture of President Trump behind the wheel of a Caterpillar Tractor has made its rounds on the internet in many forms. Meme makers have had their fun with this one.

Today both companies shattered expectations. They both reported higher than expected earnings. The Yahoo Financial News report was titled:

“Two iconic American brands just crushed expectations”

The rise in both stocks has sent the Markets into a rally. According to MSNBC, the increase in the Caterpillar stock alone has resulted in a 40 point increase in the DOW. Most Americans care about the markets to some extent, because in many cases our retirements are connected to those markets with our 401Ks.

For Trump Supporters, like me, one thing is very clear. Trump’s American First Policy is working. American Companies continue to thrive under his Administration.

Today is good news all around. I just wish I he would retweet one of my posts. After all, I am all American! 😉